What IS this???


It doesn't catch fish, it doesn't transport anything, it makes no money - it needs no money - what then???



Climb on board and find out...



                                                       The Winged Canoe is free and underway - and nothing else.

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                                                                  Find out how this works, make it better and bigger!


There are no people on board. No one explains anything. The mysterious vessel invites you on a voyage – not from A to B, not for any understandable economic purpose – but to where the wind comes from


The unmanned Windvinder is the first headwind powered research vessel of the EXPEDITION TO THE ORIGIN OF THE WIND - a research vessel that invites to research. The ship sails only one course: straight into the wind. It is steered by wind alone, and driven - by headwind! The original Windvinder is doing this with a windmill - but it turns out that there are many more ways to turn headwind into propulsion…



Anyone who can find out how this works can join this expedition. You don’t have to be an engineer, nor a scientist – what you need to know is the sea. All you have to do is this: if you find this ship, repair what might be broken, and improve the construction so it will not break again. Try out what works. Change whatever you want to change, or build an entirely new vessel. But whatever you do, make sure that the ship continues the voyage: straight against the wind, across the open ocean.


The original Windvinder is a wooden skeleton covered with fabric, easy to mend without tools. Use bamboo, driftwood, or whatever you can find. Sailcloth and twine for repairs in the skin are on board. New seams in the hull have to be made watertight with paint or grease. You can use the sailcloth also to make new wings, or new boats.



Why should people bother? 

They do. Since years. Not for money, not for an unknown expedition leader – but why then?



If you care for Windvinder’s wings, you do this to listen to him for a while - and find out how to build your own wings.
It doesn't matter how small you start: Windfinders grow on the way. If you set them free.



In seven years at sea, the Winged Canoe has not only not disappeared – it has developed into a growing family of curious headwind driven creatures. Once you start playing with the idea, and once you see that you can do it - you go on. A broken gearbox is a fascinating challenge: You can use huge computer-controlled machines and expensive material to rebuild it – or find a way to achieve the same without a gearbox



Fishermen who repaired the original vessel start building own Windfinders
 - and send them on the voyage. The newer generations of Windfinders need no more wind turbines or ship’s propellers – but they do sail straight into the wind; just wings and fins, grazing on an ocean of ideas. They live on headwind: on the doubts of all those people ashore, who do their best to keep thinking that this cannot be.  If this was possible – then why aren’t we doing it?    




Windvinder tells you stories from behind the horizon. And what is more: he shows you how to get there. Listen with eyes and hands. Learn how to turn headwind into propulsion - on the open ocean, with what you have and who you are - and you know: with wind you can get anywhere.





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