"The Sphere".


Only 100 copies are for sale, each of them hand made and unique;
50 with the manual in English and 50 in Dutch.

numbered and signed.

“The Sphere” is a measuring instrument: a chronometer.

On the inside, the Sphere is a sundial. Sunlight falls through a hole in the Sphere, and runs as a point of light over a carefully calculated array of lines engraved on the inner surface of the Sphere.

Wherever you are, this instrument gives the time with great but useless accuracy – as long as you don’t look at it.

There is only one hole in the Sphere: The moment you try to read off the time, your head blocks the light and the measurements disappears. As soon as you leave it alone, it works again.

The Sphere is an absurd measuring device, an instrument that lives its own life, like so many other instruments in this world: It measures what it has to measure – but in doing so it does not make things any clearer for us.

What, then, is it for - all that measuring, knowing, defining, and fixing?
About our desire to control, to possess, and to keep hold of what we have?
The fear of darkness is as old as humankind.

The Sphere is a piece of not knowing; a piece of tamed darkness to take on your journey.


Hand-made instrument in a wooden box, together with an entirely hand-written manual including dozens of hand-drawn illustrations on the use of THE SPHERE, available in either Dutch or English.

Numbered and signed.

200 euro*

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*directly funds the Expedition to the Source of the Wind