Amsterdam 2001

"Schrödinger’s Cat",   double kayak


Inspired by the mythical boat that takes the soul of the departed to the other side of the horizon, this is the image of a meeting on the horizon: the ‘boat from something to nothing’ meets another boat travelling across the horizon in the opposite direction: the ‘boat from nothing to something’.

The boat and its mirror image, built together as a single, life-sized boat skeleton, overlap through the surface of the water; and only there, where they overlap, do they together form an actual body with a shared skin. The rest remains a sketch.


Exhibition: Between Other Sides

Materials: wood, hemp string


Barcelona 2002
"Telescope",   special transparent telescope

As you look into the distance and focus the instrument, you suddenly realize you are looking into the depths of your own eye.

Materials: acrylic glass tube, glass lenses, brass, leather, rubber


Barcelona 2002

"The Bridge",   Project Open Border


Design (and 2m scale model) of a freely pivoting swing bridge for the Straits of Gibraltar. The bridge is anchored at only one central point, and has one wing in the wind and one wing in the water. The battle between two forces –current and wind – determines the position of the bridge, and whether the border between Europe and Africa is open or not.


Materials: reed, steel wire, paper




Berlin 2002/2003
"The Navigator",   device for the determination of wind direction

Helmet with wind vane, which automatically turns the researcher’s head to face the wind.  Telescopic frame for focusing the crosshairs.

Materials: brass, goatskin, fox fur